17 November 2007

How to get FREE access to IMEEM site!

well, the main reason why i've done this because i was trying to look for BAILE song from GLOC 9.

so i tried asking uncle google for it and the first rank was the IMEEM, which is i think its popular. So! i clicked it, load the page.. then suddenly.. a dialog blocking my access to imeem track page "You must log in to visit this track"???

The cool thing about this is, the dialog was inside or included in the page (NOT A WINDOW!) so! i was thinking if I.... or just live it alone..

Well i choosed "I" - means I WANT TO GET INSIDE!

first thing you must have is
Mozilla Firefox (WebBrowser)

then download the FireBUG add-on for Mozilla Firefox
Get FireBUG here
<-- click that

download it and restart your Mozilla Firefox browser.

well that's all you need to do for now...

well one thing you must have is knowledge in HTML.. well, i don't really think its necessary because you just have to click this and press that, click this and press that work. so i'll try my best to give you an instruction.


lets take the BAILE track page for an example:
Rochelle Panganilinan Baile (feat. Gloc 9) <-- click that again and wait until the dialog "You must log in to visit this track" pops out and darken the page background.

so everything is cool!?

Ok, here's the video. Watch it!


:) feel free to leave your comment.

Thank you!

in respect with FireBUG
FireBUG is not a hacking tool!!!! this tool is intended only for debugging web page.
Why did i use it?? well, for some reason.. "Because i want to!" :D

have a great day!

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