20 July 2009

HTC Touch a.k.a Elf with Windows Mobile 6.5

I just got my new HTC Touch. Greatest way to get away with Symbian OS + great way to develop mobile applications. :) hey! am a .NET guy ..

I got the black oneThis is the default screen
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Anyway, the problem is .. Memory is a bit LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW … Camera .. argh .. very low pain-in-the-neck FPS.. anyway, am upgrading it to a new HTC phone .. but not now .. I just got this phone.

Well, my curiosity comes into play again, and I was thinking may be I could do something here like UPGRADING THE OPERATING SYSTEM TO WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a story? nah … 2 days of research, test, failure, and success .. Finally my Elf is running with Windows Mobile 6.5, memory is amazingly optimized, bit slow at start up, running, and ending a program, *whispers* “Windows Mobile 6.1 is faster” but hey, I like this and I want this.

Upgrading tip: Unlock the CID first before flashing a new cooked ROM. Download the files here.

So if everything is ready, get the cooked ROM from dsixda, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5, here.

Goodluck! Cheers!

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harsha said...

i did my htc touch upgrade for mobil 6.5 with the help with given steps and it works fines . thanks for the info..