09 February 2010

New Website

I have create my own (finally) personal website!


14 November 2009

Multiple RDP Session in Windows 7 Professional

I’ve been searching for something like this for a loooooong time, and I was hoping way back before that it could be also done in Windows XP. So I was happy to I found a super simple one-work-done tutorial for Windows 7.

There’s a different version of tutorial actually base on what build you are using, and I took the chance of trying it for the Build 7100.

Anyway, just to proof that it is working. Am going to use my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 with Windows Mobile 6.5 Remote Desktop Mobile installed. Below are the screen shots for proof that it is working.

I have 2 user accounts in my Windows 7, one is the default Administrator account, and one was the User account created while installing Windows 7 named “Chevi” (my son’s name).

showing my 2 user accounts
preparing to connect
cool we’re logged in
and check that out,my laptop is using Adminstrator account while my Windows Mobile is using Chevi account.
and we’re logging off.. :)

The tutorial and installer can be found here. Guide: How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7

20 July 2009

HTC Touch GSM – Windows Mobile 6.5 Reflash Again

From my last post about my new HTC Touch GSM. I have upgraded it again into a new Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional (Build Version 21921.5.0.40). Get the cooked ROM from here.

image image

Here are some pictures while I was doing the upgrade ..

20072009031 20072009034 20072009041

don’t forget to remove the SIM and microSD card.
20072009042 20072009043

and videos after the upgrade..

Update – August 25, 2009

Man, lot of guys keep sending me an email asking how to upgrade. Anyway, I’ll just update this post for you and HERE’S HOW:

Preparation!! – with exclamation marks

  1. Make sure you fully charged your phone!!
  2. Shut it down! – turn it off, in case you didn’t understand.
  3. REMOVE the SIM and MiniSD card!!
  4. Boot it up! – turn it on.


  1. Make sure you have Active Sync installed in your Windows OS. Am using Windows 7, so I got my Windows Mobile Device Center installed here and hey, make sure you connected your HTC Touch
  2. Goto to this thread and look for ELFIN WWE 6504 BLACK LIGHT and download it and so with the attached file ElfinCustomRUU.zip.
    1. Extract ElfinCustomRUU.zip and EW6504BL.rar
    2. Copy EW6504BL.NBH in, where ever you extracted the files from ElfinCustomRUU.zip.
    3. Test run it, by running ElfinCustomRUU.exe
      1. Follow the instructions
    4. "IF" the upgrading STOPS at 3% and telling you this cryptic message:
      ERROR 270 (Update Error - The image file is corrupted):
      1. Go download CID Unlocker, and follow the instructions provided in this thread.
      2. MAKE SURE you done it the same as what the guy said and on the preview!.
      3. If successfull. Do: 2.3.

Please take NOTE!
Elfin Custom Rom might update their ROMS anytime so their download file will change too.

Version Check as of August 26, 2009

Download File: EM6504BL.RAR

And Another NOTE!
If you got any erros while upgrading your WM, refer here. If you encountered any error message other than “ERROR 270” am sorry, I can not give any information with that anymore.

Please visit http://forum.xda-developers.com for more information.

These steps are proven already and 100% working. Don’t blame me if you BRICKED your phone.

If something went wrong on your Elf/in after reflashing or locked up in "Smart Mobility"

  1. Remove the battery and put it back
  2. Press the Camera Button
  3. Press the Power Button (while still pressing the Camera Button)
  4. Wait for the Bootloader to show up (the 3 colors ..)
  5. Connect the USB connection
  6. and try to reflash again using the procedures I gave about "Upgrading" and try using different cooked ROM!

HTC Touch a.k.a Elf with Windows Mobile 6.5

I just got my new HTC Touch. Greatest way to get away with Symbian OS + great way to develop mobile applications. :) hey! am a .NET guy ..

I got the black oneThis is the default screen
330340d985714d15817e4afe567dc3ac[1] htc_touch[1]

Anyway, the problem is .. Memory is a bit LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW … Camera .. argh .. very low pain-in-the-neck FPS.. anyway, am upgrading it to a new HTC phone .. but not now .. I just got this phone.

Well, my curiosity comes into play again, and I was thinking may be I could do something here like UPGRADING THE OPERATING SYSTEM TO WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a story? nah … 2 days of research, test, failure, and success .. Finally my Elf is running with Windows Mobile 6.5, memory is amazingly optimized, bit slow at start up, running, and ending a program, *whispers* “Windows Mobile 6.1 is faster” but hey, I like this and I want this.

Upgrading tip: Unlock the CID first before flashing a new cooked ROM. Download the files here.

So if everything is ready, get the cooked ROM from dsixda, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5, here.

Goodluck! Cheers!

10 July 2009

Gmail is not working today

What on earth are they doing today? Gmail is not working since last night .. I even asked a friend if it’s working on his end .. well, it is .. Thought it was just a browser problem, but heck, I used Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox! NOT WORKING!! hmmm.. guess I’ll just wait ..