17 August 2007

The decision, has been decided (toingks!)

Well, i bought a phone Nokia 5200! Its a nice phone though, i like it enough! it has wide Audio Player support, an FM radio (which, i regularly use), Video Player, Java Compatible, can run SWF files and lot of great feature, never mine the camera, just a VGA, though i love taking pictures, but since i got this.. well.. anyway Corel is there to enhance it :)

well now, at least i have an internet connection using this phone as my modem or if im out traveling i can use GPRS connection to check my email and chat using JavaME apps such as GoogleMail and Talkonaut for gTalk.. and other office applications such as DocViewer, MiniExcel, and PDFViewer and of course some games :) well perhaps i should post some links on the mobile apps i used.. (well some other time).. and yeah right now am using it as my modem. Its kinda slow, but.. its ok, "at least"

Lots of things happening right now.. thats why i cant get some free time to post something here..
well that things are
Development Projects
School Stuff ( i have to make an exam for the midterms examination :p )
some problems of course...
some other great things too :D

so, i guess that's all for now.. :)

just an update

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