27 March 2008

Finally, My Budz is Free

Now that you're free, I wish all the good lucks, better future, and the one you'll deserve to be with forever.

You saw me cried when I say goodbye, but this is the best for both of us.
Sorry for all the bad things I've done, but thank you so much for all those forgiveness.

As I promised, if you need help, just tell me. You don't have to buy it, just knock.

I thought you a lot - how earth, people, and nature moves, so don't ever forget those!
You'll going to be needing those ... like every seconds of your life!
there's more that meets the eye! kidding...
(as my joke to you and to my friends. I RE-PROGRAMMED YOU! but something's must've never changed ... SUNGET KA PARIN!)

Budz, I want you to move on, keep on walking, don't ever let hell pass through your way, though you can't avoid them, but you can fight.

I believe on all your capacity!
Don't forget to pray neh?

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