24 February 2009

TinyURL: Safety First, before clicking the TinyURL link

I just got a twit from @frostfire about Three Ways Twitter Security Fails .. and one of the issue there is our friendly TinyURL.

Mike Murray said:
"Twitter "Tweets" have a character limit of 141 characters. Many users enter urls that are too long and which are automatically truncated with a shortening service, such as TinyURL. Users can't tell where the link is going when they scroll over to it.

This makes it much easier for hackers to send out faulty or malicious links."

Well TinyURL.com does provide us to preview the exact shortened link. So If you want safety first, then I guess you have to do something first.

Here's how to be safe:
Am pretty sure already know how TinyURL works.
1. If you have the shortened link (eg: http://www.tinyurl.com/az9pbj > This is a link to Three Ways Twitter Security Fails)
2. Copy the randomize character and numbers at the end "az9pbj"
3. and goto http://preview.tinyurl.com/<the randomize chars and nums> (eg: http://preview.tinyurl.com/az8pbj)


Now, go ahead and try it your self.

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