21 June 2009

New Life, New Home

June 14, 2009

So we moved to a new Apartment right here in Punta, Sta Ana to start a new life ..

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And hoping for a great life.

Thanks to my family back home in Villasis Pangasinan who gave their full effort to help us out, gave some basic house stuff; and also to Irish’s father who also help and gave some of their stuff. :)

Well so far, we’re doing great .. Chevi’s doing great too with his yaya Manang Lorna, Irish was back working at SM,  and me .. hmmm…. Well as long as I know they are OK then .. am OK too.. and still working at Anomalist Design LLC is a good thing too (whispering for: Salary Raise?)  Hehe.

Anyway, here’s our first picture here ..
We’re still setting it up by the way ..


So this is Sala Area

Hallway going to Room and Dining Area 

Our, well, wide enough Room

Dining Area, Manang Lorna was preparing something for Lunch

And backyard .. See the River? Well I call it BIGGEST KANAL!

and here’s the floor plan, Irish made it .. kinda like it so here it is (don’t mind the measurements ..)

so that’s all for now ..

Godbless Us, and Happy Father’s Day to all!

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