02 June 2009

Ping.fm for iGoogle + workaround for GMail

I just setup my Facebook and Twitter gadgets for Gmail and loving it .. one missing though Ping.fm!! I found a gadget, though works only for iGoogle that’s because you have to setup of course your Application Key which cannot be done using that gadget below in Gmail Labs:


Now if you want to make this thing work in GMail, you have to do some stuff first. One important thing is to (syempre …) host your Google Gadget. An example would be, hosting your XML file in your website or in Google Gadgets Editor.. Don’t ask me where I put it (x.x) d’oh!

Now let’s start:

  1. 1. Go get your Ping.fm Application Key, copy&paste it somewhere .. I don’t recommend writing it down ..
  2. 2. open any web browser (I don’t recommend using gChrome for this one) and paste this http://ping.fm/google/ping.xml
  3. 3. copy the entire XML and we’ll modify that later in this part.
  4. 4. hope you have a good XML editor (use Notepad++) and paste the XML you copied.
  5. 5. now look for this line “<Content type="url" href="http://ping.fm/google/" />
  6. 6. and to add your application key
        “<Content type="url" href=http://ping.fm/google/?app_key=YOURAPPLICATIONKEYHERE />
  7. 7. Save it: any_filename_you_want.XML (MAKE SURE THE EXTENSION IS XML!)
  8. 8. then upload it!
  9. 9. Enable Add any gadget by URL by Dan P and Dong C in Gmail Labs (hope you know where it is ..)
  10. 10. In Gmail Settings, goto Gadgets Tab
  11. 11. and paste the address where you uploaded the XML (gadget)

And here’s the final result .. Ping.fm Gadget for iGoogle, now works for Gmail too!

Cheers! Ingat!


Sebastian Schertel said...

Yesss great! It really works. What a wonderful gadget. Was looking for this. Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

@Sebastian Schertel

good job :)

joshed said...

It works, thanks for this!