04 December 2008

HOWTO: Remove the Orange Home screen from a Nokia N70

Well, I just got my phone last saturday, I was so happy about it, I got my Nokia N70, but as soon as I looked at it, I got this feeling that am going to have some problems + I saw this ugly looking StandBy Interface, so I got this doubt that this phone might be a China Phone... I tried scanning and trying something to check if it's really a Nokia .. well at least yes.

Anyway about the problem ... After buying it, I got this very very irritating N70 performance .. tried researching on it and found a huge forum sites talking about Orange in N70, and man they were so MAD LIKE HELL!!

Problems in Orange in N70 is:
It slows down your phone processing
Often hung and lost.

So its really really not good having those problems on your mobile phone, because we demand Performance and Reliability. 

Well, what the hell am I talking about Orange in N70??
Here's a screen shot of Orange in N70 Stand By Interface

Nokia N70 Orange Nokia N70 Stand By
This is the horrible looking
Orange Stand By Interface (took that on my webcam, sorry, can't find any reference on the Internet)
And this is what Standard N70 looks like or should I say Standard Symbian Interface looks like.

Saw the difference??

Now I want my phone to look like that!! The Standard Symbian Interface! I was actually planning to take it to the mall and reflash it there, and pay some ..... I don't know how much, but! ... before that, I thought of "I think I have to research more about the problem" and that's it! Keep on researching and found an article, done it, and walla!! everything is back to normal. :)

Now the question is ... How did I do this? I found this great article on the Internet from: Douglas Furus
It really helps me a lot! Thanks Douglas! and Thanks To Namesis

I didn't actually used any special device to re-flash my phone, I just used DKU-2 Cable as instructed from the article.
The trick there is changing the Product Code from NSS, and NSU thought my phone was N70 Music Edition, so it re-write the ROM, writing N70 Music Edition binaries.

NSU (Nokia Software Updater) is a Flashing Software!! LOL! I thought it was just somekind of Software Upgrade not Operating System Upgrade LOL.

Time Starts: 3:34am
Time Ends: 3:58am !!!! :D

Nokia N70 Stand By NewHere's what my N70 "Music Edition" looks like right now

With my wife at the background and I'm using iPhone theme.
Cheers!! beersmile_wink

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