20 December 2008

My Desktop - 12/20/2008 update

i'll start posting / show-off my desktop designs.
I'm a developer, and developer loves simple classic desktop .. and am not that classic, I just love doing some modifications for accessibility but just using XP themes, XP features and some free desktop enhancement tools.

Such as this one:
Windows XP - SP2
Google Desktop and some Gadgets
I'm using HalfBlood Theme
and Winamp! 

desktop - 12202008  
That's all!

This is cool when Winamp is Maximized
 desktop - 12202008 - winamp

Let's get a little bit closer ...

Start Menu - simple eh?
desktop - 12202008 - start menu

Quick Launch - my most commonly used programs
Google Chrome, Visual Studio 2008, and EMS SQL Manager for MySQL
desktop - 12202008 - QL

Start Menu Toolbars
desktop - 12202008 - start menu toolbars 

some running apps in my task bar
desktop - 12202008 - task bar

and finally my System Tray - if you noticed, I don't have my clock there.. Why? I already have my analog clock gadget on Google Desktop, so why would I need it?
desktop - 12202008 - system tray

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